Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More tennis courts please

Winter time is the worst for an avid tennis player like me. I like the snow and all, but it's so hard to find a place to play. The only courts I can go to are the BYU courts or get a membership at the Gold's Gym in Orem (and pay $15 each time I want to reserve a court). Sorry, but that's not in my budget.

The only solution is for BYU to build more indoor courts. Right now there are four indoor courts for 30,000 students! Sure, not all of them play tennis, but let's say 10% do. That leaves four courts for 3,000 students. And don't forget Tues, Wed, and Thurs nights are reserved for intramurals and Saturday mornings for the team (among other times). Demand is high. I called yesterday to reserve a court (you can call a week in advance), and there wasn't a single opening! Not even for next Monday! Does anyone have any other solutions? Eventually I'll be living in Palo Alto, CA where I can play outdoors just about all year long.

On another note. This court is pretty sweet. That would be awesome to play there. It's real, it's in Dubai.


Michael said...

I agree with you a little Jordan but, wouldn't you say 10% is a little high of a statistic?

Jordan said...

I'd say 10% theoretically play tennis, but much less go out and play on a regular basis. When I organized the tennis tournament over the summer we had 26 people playing in it, mostly from our ward. Some were beginners though.

Nathan S. said...

They should make it like the fast pass at Disneyland. You call and get one for a certain week and during that week you get first dibs on a court. I just don't think they will be building any indoor courts for a long time. They had to stop building the new KBYU building because people took back their donations. Until some rich BYU tennis player wins the US open and donates $2 million to BYU I just don't see it happening.

Melissa said...

Tennis courts are available in park areas, such as up the hill on Grandview Lane.

That's an awesome tennis court, but I think I'd be scared to play there because of the height.