Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Pilgrim's Journey Home

Many people have asked me recently about the upcoming concert being put on by the BYU Choirs and Philharmonic Orchestra. So I'll tell you a little bit about it and why I'm excited.

Sometimes BYU films our concerts and runs them over and over on BYUTV. This is not one of those concerts. Over eight years ago they did one called A Thanksgiving of American Folk Hymns (the one with the girl crying at the end of an amazing arrangement of Come, Thou Fount) and before that was Celebration of Christmas in the early 90's. It is hoped and expected that PBS will pick this up and show it nationally as they did with the two I just mentioned.

The songs are all about journeying home. Here are five reasons to go:

1) The arrangement of Come, Come, Ye Saints is one of the most powerful and inspiring pieces I have sung in all my four years in the choir. And I haven't even heard it together with the orchestra yet.

2) This is a once every eight or nine years opportunity. And most of you won't be here in another eight years.

3) This may sound weird, but we're singing an arrangement of When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again/Keep the Home Fires Burning (you've probably never heard of the latter) that makes me tear up almost every time we practice it--it's amazing. I've always heard When Johnny Comes Marching Home again growing up, but never thought about what it meant. It was written during the Civil War and speaks of the longing for those that have gone off to war to return back safely and the joy that will be had when they do. Keep the Home Fires Burning is a British tune written during WWI. It contrasts to the march with a sweet and beautiful chorus about not losing hope. It's incredible how relevant this song is in our day. I feel more grateful for the men and women that serve our country each time that I sing/hear this song. And the arrangement is INCREDIBLE. I can't wait till we put it together with the orchestra.

4) You'll have a chance to see something live that will be televised nationwide (not on BYUTV). If you're thinking you'll just wait till it comes on TV then, believe me, it will be much better in person.

5) You'll enjoy an evening of high-caliber music and be uplifted.

For tickets go to the ticket office in the HFAC on BYU or online at

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