Friday, January 8, 2010

Jeff at Weddings

So far Jeff has been in a similar picture at mine, Nathan's, and Kevin's weddings.

My Wedding.
I wish it had turned out better, but oh well. Won't be able to frame ours like Kevin and Aubrey did.

Nathan's Wedding

Nathan was posing for the camera too in this top one. Christina and Courtney had no idea it had even happened until after the fact.

Kevin's Wedding, the one that started it all

Your turn, Bwood.

I'm sure everyone wants other wedding pictures too. They will soon be up, but on mine and Christina's new blog. You will need a password for this blog that I can send you— So if you think I don't have your e-mail address, send it to me on facebook or to my e-mail,

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Nathan S. said...

Very nice Jeff! I just wonder who will do it at your wedding.