Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol - David vs. David

This year was my first time watching snippets of American Idol since Clay and Ruben back in Season 2. Most people that know me know I was rooting for David Archuleta. I mean, he's got an amazing voice, he's so innocent, and he's representin' (he's Mormon!). A very likeable guy. I was taking a test and couldn't watch the finale, but I caught parts of it on youtube (like I usually did throughout the season rather than watch it on TV). It wasn't hard to believe that David Cook won, but that it was by so much. I thought for sure it would be close.

In my opinion David Cook is a great musician. He's better at taking a song and making it his own. But David Archuleta has incredible talent and did better on every song the previous night. And I like listening to him better. But I guess David Cook has the bigger appeal to those that watch the show. Oh well, I hope David Archuleta still has success. No matter what, I liked both of the musicians and agree with Simon Cowell that either one of them had the talent to be the winner.


Mikaela said...

I am the exact opposite of you Jordan. I sure liked listening to David Cook much better! I appreciated Archuleta's voice, but I got bored by it. But, I was surprised that David Cook won.

Angela said...

I am lost. I had no time like you guys (just kiddin) to watch American Idol. So I have no idea what either sounded like. Now I have to YouTube it!!!

Jordan said...

That's what I did! (Watch on youtube) I even said that in the post. I didn't have time to watch it every week! So there.