Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can't Get Enough

Picture taken by Christine Armbruster (a friend of mine!)

I find myself looking at espn.com, foxsports.com, cbssports.com, and rivals.com for any article I can find talking about the BYU football team and their chances for going big this year. The beginning of the year I thought it a little arrogant to make a shirt called "The Quest" (for perfection). If we lose one game that shirt becomes useless. I still wouldn't by one of them, but I am loving the season so far. The UW game was a big scare, but exciting nonetheless. And these last two games have been so much fun to be at (I'm sure the UCLA and Wyoming fans can't say the same thing).

I love finally getting some recognition--and not just BYU, but the whole Mountain West Conference. Every time one of the them wins I'm happy. I wanted TCU to upset Oklahoma so bad last Saturday. I hope Utah continues to win (until the BIG game). And this year it will be huge. Right now BYU is ranked 7th (Coaches Poll) and Utah is 15th. The last two years this game has been big and both teams weren't ranked.

I can't wait till the game this Friday night! (Even though it's only against Utah State).


Jason said...

Sounds like you've got an addiction.

Nathan S. said...

If it goes down this year then this will be the year that we tell the kid about. Just like we hear about the "miracle bowl" and the year we won the National Championship. So lets pull together and win it for the kids.