Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why Obama Can't Close the Sale

I couldn't have said it better. Everyone should read this article whether you agree or disagree, and I'd love to hear your comments.

Why Obama Can't Close the Sale


Dustin Jolley said...

Obama has no experience and the Democract controlled Congress has the lowest approval ratings ever. Need I say more?

Jason said...

Since I live in a state where my vote actually matters (Missouri), I am one of those that Obama and McCain really need to convince. I don't like either one.

Their "plans" don't really matter, because they won't stick to them once president. What does matter is how they will actually behave once president. Remember back in 2000 when the big debate at the debates was how do we spend the "surplus"? There has not been an actual surplus in a long, long time (meaning the national debt hasn't actually grown from year to year). Bush and no nation building? Energy independence? Restoring honor to the presidency?

2006 and the Democratic congress? They didn't end the war.

No politician ever keeps their promises made during campaigning. It is a proud American tradition. Obama promised every single person everything their heart desired at his acceptance speech. That isn't going to happen. McCain is going to behave like he always has, a liberal. The addition of Palin isn't going to change that.

Obama is going to win. He will be a weak president, signing everything the democratic legislature desires, which will be controlled by big interest groups, just like Bush did.

2010 we will have another Republican Revolution, where hopefully the Republicans find their morals like in 1994. That may lead to some prosperity by 2012.

Sharpelectronics said...

Obama's strength comes from his ability to convince people with his speeches and his rhetoric. This article shows that the basis of his economic stimulus package is flawed, but people tend to believe that it will change the country for better. When you compare McCain and Obama, Obama looks younger, stronger and better prepared to change the country. Too bad that people believe that this makes up for lack of experience and flawed ideas.