Saturday, September 12, 2009

BYU Football

Last week's game was a thrill ride! I'm a huge BYU sports fan. They do often disappoint (BYU basketball in the big tourney . . . ). This season will sure be exciting. I don't know if we'll go undefeated, but it'll be good, that's for sure. And I'm glad they're thinking about it one game at a time.

So . . . if anyone has all-sports tickets that they are not going to use because they will be out of town, please let me know! Christina and I decided not to buy all-sports passes this season because of certain other expenses that are coming up. I remember when I was in the Accounting Jr. Core I left two of my tickets with a roommate to use cause I was busy studying for tests (what memories).

Fortunately I get to go home for Thanksgiving, but unfortunately I won't be here for the Utah game (which is probably the most likely game people will be looking to get rid of, but will also be the best). Any other one though!

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Nathan S. said...

Jordan, I too am glad about BYU football this year! We have a long way to go but have lots of promise. I just hope that we don't let our #7 AP Ranking go to our heads. Go BYU!