Thursday, September 3, 2009

Job Search

At the current moment I am looking for two jobs. One for after Christina and I graduate (I graduate in December and Christina in April). I have an offer with Ernst & Young, but am not sure if I am going to take it.

But I am also looking for a job right now. Once again I am asking for help of any of you reading that know of job openings. It is so much easier to get a job through a referral. I have spent the last 3+ weeks since being back in Provo looking for a job. I would like something that could be part-time right now and maybe turn into more full-time in January. And something that might utilize the fact that I'm six credits away from having a BS in Accounting. But, if you know of ANYTHING (even if it doesn't meet the requirements I mentioned above), let me know. Searching on websites has been very time consuming with very little results. I've also gone around to different places, but they just tell me to fill out on-line applications, not really knowing if something is available right now. And I'm looking off-campus since I graduate so soon and don't want to go through this same process. Thanks in advance!


Lafayette said...

Take a look at that. I don't know if that is what you want but NuSkin is a good place to work. You would have to contact them to find out if it is paying but I'm pretty sure it is and probably pretty well too.

Jeff said...

just allow me to confirm my undying belief that if you want to get a real job, you'll need to leave provo. even though ernst and young won't pay you as much as you'd like, at least you'll be on your way to a career and not spend the next 3 years in provo making 11 an hour.

but anyway, i don't have any real suggestions. i guess you'll just have to roll with nuskin.