Monday, October 12, 2009

Housing FOUND

Christina and I have found a place to live this coming Winter! It's around 300 W 100 S. It's a spacious (compared to a lot of married housing in Provo) two bedroom place. We're excited to have this big decision made and out of the way. We're also getting two nice microfiber couches from the current tenants for a good deal. So we don't have to search for those and get them moved in.

We also registered at Bed, Bath, & Beyond on Saturday . . . man, that was a marathon. You can look us up already!


Big Daddy said...

Are you expecting gifts for your wedding?

Suzy said...

what a relief. it was great to see you two today@

Nathan S. said...

Congratulations! It sure is nice to know where you are going to live.