Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Charlie Bit My Finger becomes #1 on Youtube

For a while now the overrated Evolution of Dance video has had the most views of any video on all of youtube. Well, in the last few days, the much funnier Charlie Bit My Finger surpassed it in total views and become the most watched video on youtube with 129,719,233 views as of 9:25am MST. Obviously, since I'm posting about it being the most watched video, I know most of you have seen it, but here it is if you want to watch it again.


Lauren said...

I do love this video! I think the British accents are what I love the most. So cute! And the baby laughing is pretty funny too. :-)

Nathan S. said...

I do agree that this video is much better than the evolution of dance. However it is still crazy to think that a video of some kids could be watched by that many people. That is crazy!!