Monday, November 30, 2009

That's What I'm Talkin' About!

Best idea to hit college football.

Some people argue that 16-team playoff is too much (even though basketball has 64 (officially 65) teams). I'd settle for an 8-team playoff over the current system. At least we could find out who the real champions are.


Nathan S. said...

I think that my favorite idea that beats the current system is the 40 - Team Super League. This will eliminate the current system where perfect teams can win it all and it will also make sure that every game counts.

The 100 Hours Board said,

This idea is borrowed from the English Premier League.

The new system begins by undoing the old system. There will be none of the current conferences, and instead of 120-odd universities playing in Division I, there will only be 40. The other 80-odd teams are relegated to a new Division II. The 40 best teams which make up Division I are divided into 4 conferences with ten teams each. They all play each other, and at the end of the season the 4 conference champions have a 2-game playoff that ends in the National Championship game. Simple.

But here's the best part, which makes this system so wonderful. At the end of the season the five teams from Division I that have the worst record and the five teams from Division II that have the best record swap places. The worst teams in Division I would be playing their hearts out at the end of the season so they wouldn't get demoted. There would be no game that the players didn't care about. And the have-nots in Division II could break into Division I any given year.

When ESPN proposed this system, they also had a draft to name the 40 teams that should make up Division I based on the current state of affairs in college football. Utah, Boise State, and BYU were the only current non-AQ schools taken in the draft (all three were taken in the top 25), which I thought was a slap in the face to TCU. But hey, there are a lot of good programs out there; it is hard to only pick 40. But, if this system were in place, any school that thought they deserved to be in Division I would be able to prove it the next year."

Jordan said...

That would be pretty amazing. It would make every week really exciting. Unfortunately I think schools would be unwilling to give up their conferences and the current system. We can keep hoping.

I don't know why TCU wouldn't make the cut. Was that made a year or so ago? Cause they definitely should be in the top 40.