Monday, November 9, 2009

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are an interesting thing. Christina knew right away that I'm pretty picky about mine. I don't like too many pictures crowded on to the invitation, weird colors, pictures where you can't see the people, and distracting designs. I also think simple is usually better, not always though. We're in the middle of creating our wedding invitations. It's difficult balancing cost and finding one that we like. We've got an idea we like, we just need to work out getting it created on Photoshop. I tried teaching myself Photoshop, but that was a little frustrating. But I think we might have it under control now and you should be getting your invitations in a few weeks.


Mikaela said...

What?! In a few weeks?! What if we don't get one? Are we still invited? How will I know? I'm really stressed out not knowing if we are invited or not!

Muerte said...

I hope you post one on your blog for the world to appreciate its simplistic, yet elegant design.