Sunday, April 26, 2009

Miss Ya Nathan

Nathan's getting married on Tuesday. I'm gonna miss that guy. It's been two wonderful years rooming with him. He's one of the nicest guys you'll meet.

When most guys get engaged their other friendships take a backseat. Obviously it hasn't been exactly the same as before, but ever since Nathan and Courtney have dated--even since they've been engaged--my friendship with him has gotten stronger. He's always made time for his roommates.

Some of my favorite memories with him:

-Water fights in Stover Hall our Freshman year

-Nathan pegged a Jeff look-a-like with a snowball Freshman year in the Helaman Hall quad then realized it wasn't him. He tried to casually walk away even though he was the only one around.

-Driving back from a concert in SLC we accidentally missed the exit for Provo and didn't notice it until Springville because we were just talking.

-The message he left on my phone after my first break-up ever and the famous mandate that followed that weekend.

-For my 23rd birthday he bought me Cranium WOW and created the Jordan M. Hochstrasser trivia game to stick in the box. The cards were laminated with different pictures of me on the front and had trivia questions about me on the back (he researched it through my parents).

-Going to the gym with him multiple times a week Winter Semester 08 and 09.

-Ward talent show act Nathan Sharp's Guide to Dating that we worked on so much.

-For my 24th birthday he stayed up till 2am the night before baking a whole bunch of cakes and cookies.

-The many, many pranks.

-The random nice things he does. The other day he brought me home a Jamba Juice.

I know Nathan's not dying, but we won't see each other nearly as much. I wish him and Courtney the best and am so happy for them. Thanks for being such a good best friend Nathan.

If you have any comments or memories for Nathan I'm sure he will look here eventually.


Muerte said...

Nathan really was one of the nicest guys a man could have.

His unique concern for others was always genuine.

His smile and goofy sense of humor were almost addictive. I'd find myself wandering over to your apartment sometimes just to hear Nate ask my how my day was in that special way of his.

Nate, you will be greatly missed.

Bryan, B-Tan or B-ryan or whatever you guys called me at Monticello.

Jeff said...

I love you Nathan. RIP in marriage