Sunday, April 12, 2009

Visiting Utah

My sister Angela, her husband Keenan, and daughter Daysha came to visit Utah last week. Unfortunately, it was about the busiest week of my life with The Pilgrim's Journey Home concert going on, but I was able to go to my grandma's for dinner in SLC on Tuesday. They also came to Provo for a little bit on Thursday and to my concert on Friday night. Here are some pictures of the trip.
Learning to drive.

Before my concert.


Nathan S. said...

Sorry your week was so busy and we only got to meet your sister for 1 1/4 minutes when she brought you back your wallet and coat.

That car had better had been parked when she was learning how to drive.

Stephanie is currently under construction. said...

Wow, she's adorable. Like not just cute, but ridiculously adorable.

AngelaGomillion said...

We had fun! We're glad we got to see you for a bit. Maybe we will plan a small vacation down to Cali when you are living there. MAYBE, no promises!
Love you!