Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Accidental Text Message

We've all done it (except for those few that don't have text messaging)--accidentally sent a text to the wrong person. Sometimes this isn't a very big deal, while other times . . . it's very embarrassing. Here's an example of one today which turned out funny.

Jordan --> Nathan
(supposed to go to Christina)
"Okay . . . If you're already thinking of birthday gifts, I'm not sure if flowery lotions would be my first choice . . ."

Then this is how I realized I had sent the text to the wrong person.
Nathan --> Jordan
"That my dear friend was a very random yet funny comment. I was in fact not considering sending lotion in any form."

Now the context of that is Christina was asking me which lotion scents I prefer, vanilla or flowery ones. That's what I get for having Nathan and Christina's speed dials so close to each other.

I seem to be doing this a lot. Twice in the last few days I texted someone I home teach named Jackie, only I still had this other Jackie in my phone (who ironically enough I home taught two years ago). That's right, I texted the wrong Jackie. Oh well, no harm done, usually.


Nathan S. said...

I was just glad that it wasn't a message like, "I want to kiss you really bad too, It is so hard being apart when all I want to do is be with you."

Bran said...

Lotion scent recommendations (from bath and body works of course)
Coconut Lime Verbena--oh yeah
Vanilla noir
Country apple
Black raspberry vanilla

But you have to get married before using them... it is absolutely not kosher for someone to smell one of these on a single man!