Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet Home Washington

This last weekend I made a trip up to Washington. Christina came too! This was a weekend to not only see each other, but meet each others parents since we are both from Washington. She picked me up Thursday night from the airport and we went down to my house. Most of the pictures in this blog will feature my adorable niece--cause she's really cute (well, so is Christina, but she gets tired of me trying to take pictures of just her). Friday we went to a small water park. That was fun and the weather turned out nice, but the water was still super cold.

That afternoon Christina and I went out to the Chambers Bay park overlooking the water in my city (University Place). That evening we had pizza with the family and played some games.

In the morning we went over to my sister's to play with my niece for what we thought would be the last time and to say goodbye. She was soooo hyper and excited to see us. She would run up her slide and come down over and over, stomp all around, and squeal as I chased her around.

On Saturday we went up to Poulsbo, where Christina is from. I always tease her cause she says she doesn't live on a farm--but she does. There's a barn, cows, and five acres. But it's a nice farm. I met her whole family (her oldest brother wasn't there, but I'd already met him). We went to a ward activity, walked around downtown Poulsbo, watched some old home videos, went mini-golfing. Then the young couples (her sister and husband and us) went to her sister's house to watch a movie. Here's the one picture I took in Poulsbo.

Sunday was relaxing and we went to church. Because I forgot my sandals at my place that gave us a reason to go back there (I didn't do it on purpose!) on our way to the airport and I got to see Daysha once more. A very eventful and great trip.


Michael said...

Good stuff Jordan, good stuff indeed!

Nathan S. said...

Hey Jordan! We are all very proud of how cute your niece is! We are also very proud of your current relationship status. I just hope that Mike doesn't feel too alone when we are all married and gone.