Saturday, August 1, 2009

Giants Win

My internship paid for all of the interns to go to a San Francisco Giants game on Thursday. My Brazilian friend, Leo, pointed out to me that hardly anyone was watching the game. It was true. I was socializing more than watching. I'm not really a Giants' fan. And baseball isn't the most exciting sport (although I had arguments about this with co-workers the next day). Here are some pictures from the game.
AT&T Park

Tyler, Leo, and me

People talking to each other while the game is going on.

Me, Leo, Damaris

Oh, the Giants were playing the Phillies and won. I got to see a homerun or two, so that was cool.


Michael said...

Sounds like you were enthralled, Jordan. When are you coming back?

Jordan said...

I'll be heading back on August 15th! It's coming soon.