Monday, August 31, 2009

Apartment Searching

Now that Christina and I are getting married over Christmas break we need to find an apartment! I hear that this can be hard to do in between semesters. But I figured I could get 50 eyes looking (or however many will read my blog post), rather than just us two. Not actively looking like us, but just let us know if you hear about something. That will help us out a bunch. We would prefer a furnished place, but let us know about everything. I'll have graduated and Christina will be student teaching, so it doesn't need to be right next to campus either. Thanks everyone!


Jessica Morgan said...

if you are looking for furnished get on the union square waiting list.... couldn't hurt

Jeff said...

Wow Jordan, I didn't even know! Congrats!!!!!! Hey about apartments, I was walking home from school today and passed 2 married apts. for rent, they were both on 300 east, somewhere between 700 N and 300 N. lol...sorry I couldn't be more specific. Anyways, it was great to see you today, and once again, congrats! Marriage is the best.

Ash said...

congrats to you two!