Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Disney World!

My Florida trip got much better after the first day of traveling (see my last post). After that ordeal was over I went swimming and played beach volleyball at this cool looking place inside the resort. It was misty the morning I took this picture.

At night we had to sit for four hours to hear speakers and have dinner. I was tired! The next day after breakfast and a big meeting with everyone we had something called "team challenge." Some people I talked to loved it, others hated it. Imagine EFY for grown-ups, that was pretty much it. They even had us create cheers. I thought it was the longest six hours of my life.

That afternoon/evening we went to Disney World. The group I was with decided to go to Magic Kingdom since it was open the latest (for those who don't know, there are many parks within Disney World). Magic Kingdom is almost exactly like the original Disney Land.

Here's the group I was with. Yes, that is indeed the one and only, Kevin G. Brinkherhoff.

Monsters, Inc!!!
We went to the Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor. It was pretty funny. Mike Wazowski was the host. It was cool because they involved the audience in it. Highly recommend it.

We of course went on the Tea Cups.
I wasn't scared.

The fireworks show was really cool.

Getting ready to go on Splash Mountain!

Saturday there were some seminars that were pretty good. At night they had this mind reader/illusionist perform for us. It was crazy some of the stuff that he did. Then afterwards they had games for us to play--pool, foosball, darts, Wii tennis, Rock Band, and fake gambling. Here we are having fun!
It was a fun trip overall! Although Florida is so humid! And I don't know if I could ever afford Disney World, especially for a family.


Michael said...

What the heck was Kevin doing there?

Jordan said...

He's an intern with Ernst & Young too. The conference was for all the interns in the U.S. (he's close by in San Francisco) and a few foreign interns.

Nathan S. said...

I'm glad your trip went well. I was really worried when you said that the trip to D-World was a terrible day. Looks like you and Kevin had fun! What did Kevin do with the wife? Did she get left in Cali?

Jordan said...

Yeah, they definitely didn't pay for spouses to come out.