Monday, August 10, 2009

Flying to Orlando, aka - Worst Day Ever

Here is an excerpt from my journal:

Wednesday just may have been the worst day of my life. I traveled to Orlando, Florida for the Ernst & Young International Intern Leadership Conference. This was my first time ever really on the East Coast (other than airports). In the morning I went to pick up a friend. Going to get him made my ride to the airport twice as long as it should have been. And it took him several minutes to get outside once I arrived. Then the long-term parking was at least a mile away. I was so worried we weren’t going to make our flight. We got the shuttle from long-term parking (which took forever) and I was able to check my bags 27 minutes before my flight. They told me it wouldn’t be guarenteed on the flight because it was less than a half hour before but they would try to get it on. The plane ended up being about ten minutes late, so I wasn’t too worried.

At the layover in Pheonix I got some California Pizza Kitchen despite not having liked it much before. I decided to give it another chance. Halfway through the four and a half hour flight to Orlando I started feeling a little ill. Mostly just a headache. I got some Advil from someone and tried to rest. My headache started to go away but I felt a little nauseous. This continued as we descended. But we were almost there—I could make it. I located the barf bag just in case. Right after we touched down I uncontrollably vomitted all over myself. I didn’t have enough time to react with the bag. It was disgusting! Everything I had eaten that day was now on my clothing. I went back to the bathroom (I was in the third row from the back) and a nice flight attendant name Kelly helped me out. I tried cleaning it off as well as I could with the little paper towels they had. Vomit does not come out very well. I couldn’t believe this had happened. The next flight was delayed because of me a few minutes (which I thought was a little funny). Southwest gave me this extra large bright orange t-shirt to wear and offered me a wheelchair, but I was feeling better. I honestly think it was the food at Pheonix since I have never thrown-up on a commercial jet. My jeans were still kind of dirty, so I tried covering that with my bag as I walked. I wasn’t too worried about what people thought though.

I got to baggage claim and waited for my suitcase, very anxious to change. I waited until there were only three bags still going around—the same ones over and over. I couldn’t believe it. Now more than ever I NEEDED clothes to change into! But nope, my luggage didn’t show up. They told me they would deliver it to the hotel as it was probably on one of the flights to come in later that night. I asked the same friend who I had taken to the airport that morning if I could borrow a pair of shorts. They were big on me so good thing I had a belt. So I was wearing these big shorts and the bright orange Southwest shirt. I got to the hotel and talked to the workers for awhile about the whole situation (I don't know why it took so long). Then I walked like fifteen minutes to my room (I'm not joking, this resort was huge!). I opened the door and turned on the light only to wake up my German roommate, Uwe. A little after midnight I checked at the bell desk to find out my luggage had arrived at the airport and should be there within 2 hours. I decided to go to bed at 1am and get it in the morning. The morning came and still no bag! And all the hotel staff had changed so they didn’t know the situation, and I couldn’t get a hold of the airline at the airport. Well, eventually I found out my bag was with the Disney Magical Express, and they had shut down the night before at 10pm and didn't start delivering until 9am. But at least it was good to know my luggage was safe and coming. I got my bag around 11am.

Phew, what an ordeal. But honestly it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. It’s kind of funny and a good story. I was surprised how positive of an attitude I was able to keep throughout it. It’s almost as if I was able to look back and tell myself, this won’t be such a big deal, but while it was happening.


Alex said...

Jordan...that was a crazy story. I'm glad you survived though.

Michael said...

Hahaha! That's crazy--and funny at the same time. Good thing you made it in the end...

- eric said...

i get sick at the CPK too - i thought i was the only one! your story is amazing. i think it should be in a movie