Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Palm Pre vs Blackberry Curve 8330

I need to get a new phone. My current Samsung m500
has served me well, but I've had it for 2 1/2 years. For the last year I've had to set something heavy on top of the charger where it hooks into the phone so that it would stay in at the right angle, otherwise it wouldn't charge. That's been a little bit of a hassle.

I have Sprint, and I have a really good deal with them--$35 a month and I get internet, unlimited texting, 500 anytime minutes, etc. So don't try and convince me to get an iPhone, cause I'm not switching. I went to the Sprint store on Saturday so I could handle both of them. Here are the pros and cons of both that I see.

Palm Pre
  • Very user-friendly. I love the touch screen. You can have multiple applications open and just sort through them like cards. Want to check something out on the internet or your calendar without losing an e-mail you were writing? No problem.
  • Sleek. And the colors are really vibrant.
  • Pretty small--smaller than the iPhone when the keyboard isn't out.
  • Universal Search--just start typing and it will search everything on your phone that starts with the letters you type.
  • webOS, the operating system, is very fast and intuitive.
  • $199
  • It doesn't have an expansion slot to add memory. So you only get the built in 8GB I believe it is.
  • Battery life isn't that great.

Blackberry Curve 8330
  • $49
  • A slightly bigger keyboard
  • Does have expandable memory
  • I've heard it works really well for business-oriented people
  • The keyboard makes clicking noises that I don't like
  • When compared to the sleekness of the Pre, it doesn't look very cool and feels kind of outdated. I want to touch the screen!
  • I also don't like the rollerball very much. I got tired of it after just a few minutes of messing around with it.
Obviously you can probably tell I like the Pre better. But is it worth the extra $150? Let me know your opinion--especially if you've had either one of these phones (or if you've had another similar type of Blackberry).


Keith Bond said...

Katie and I just got the Curves. We love them. I haven't noticed the clicking sound when I type. It is a great phone though and we find new good uses for them everyday.

With that being said, I haven't tried, let alone hold, the Pre, and I hear it is snazzy.

Good luck!

Jeff said...

My friend has a pre an loves it, but just make sure you check the monthly costs for data. I mean, if you're hoping to pay 35 still and have unlimited data, you might be fooling yourself. Oh but now I remember you always browsing the web so maybe that's part of the deal. Good times in economics.

Between these two, I'd go with the pre - but I mean, are you really about to sign a two year contract at this point? Or is this just a new phone. Best of luck.

Jordan said...

Yeah, I've got unlimited data too. Right now I have no contract at all. If I get a new phone I will have to sign a two year contract and I will get the discounted price that I mentioned (essentially I have an eligible upgrade).

Anna said...

get an iphone.

Becky said...

dang that comment about was really me. and not anna. anna is my sister. it was still signed on to her account.

Pooja said...

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