Monday, May 18, 2009

City Museum

This is definitely not a normal museum. It's a giant play-place. The toys are old recycled junk (at least it looks like it). There are long metal slides, all sorts of dark spaces and caves to crawl through (many places I couldn't fit in to), ball pits, all kinds of windy things to climb on, and a hamster wheel. A lot of the places to climb on and in and out of looked like modern art. Here are some pictures to give you a better idea--but you have to be there to really get a feel for it.

Walking into the mouth of a giant whale (which leads to all sorts of places).

Danny looking at us from a little nook up above.

Jared comes down the slide, then me. I go a lot faster then him. It's like some kind of weird bum massage.


Looking out from some cave.

The little kids giant ball pit. My brother Ryan is about to bonk his son on the head.

The little hamsters in their wheel.

My favorite part of this is the bus coming off the top of the building.

I don't know how this place passes safety regulations, but it was definitely a fun place--especially for the kids.


xister said...

I love the city museum!! My sister doens't live far from St. Louis, and so I try to go every time I'm out there.

Stephanie is currently under construction. said...

That place looks absolutely amazing--any child's dream. There was this really cool toy store in SLC (nifty cool) that had a slide you had to ride to get into the store. It was amazing--but it's now gone. So sad. Glad you had fun.