Saturday, May 30, 2009

Special Olympics

I was able to volunteer at the Special Olympics the last few days. We are lucky that it is held right here at BYU for all of Utah. It has been a wonderful experience. On Thursday I worked at the awards booth with Suzy. She did the necessary tasks of organizing who got what medals and I got to hand out the awards. On Friday, Michael T, Amy, and I went. We cheered, organized a tug-o-war, and a watermelon eating contest.

After doing two contests there was still watermelon left, so Mike, Amy and I had our own contest.

Amy won!

Today I cheered some of the people racing on for awhile. Then Christina and I went over to the awards to help hand those out again.

It has been a joy the last few days being a part of this. Some of the athletes were so happy and would cheer everyone on. Even if they got third or fourth, they would be cheering really loudly for the second and first place people. I recommend everyone takes the time to go help out when it comes around to their state. You won't forget it.


Melissa said...

I saw you at the award booth today! Thanks for helping so much!

Michael said...

I demand a rematch--this time with fair sizes of watermelon!