Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hiking Adventure!

On Memorial Day a group from my ward hiked up a huge mountain! We didn't know the name of it, but I have now discovered it is called Maple Mountain (before we knew the name Brandon called it Monticello Ridge, which I like). It is directly south of Y Mountain. We hiked to the TOP (9088 ft). All in all it was quite an adventure and pretty amazing. Here are some pictures.

Here is the view from the Y. We hiked up to the Y and then kept going south. Remember this view, it's puny compared to the top of the mountain we climbed.

About an hour after the top of the Y we arrived at this meadow. This is where the trail ended and we started bushwacking straight up the mountain. I really like this picture.

A cool view along the way.
A little snow on the way to the top.
Beautiful view from the top.

The whole group!

Michael T and I got in a fight atop the mountain.

On the way back down it was sometimes more fun not to use your feet.

Eventually we made our way back onto the trail and down the mountain. All in all it was quite a bit of fun. There were cuts and scrapes, people falling in snow caves, wet shoes and bums. But we emerged victorious. My love for nature continuous to grow. It felt like such an accomplishment making it to the top and looking around us to all sides--down to Utah Valley or behind us at the other beautiful mountains. I hope for many more adventures like this.

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