Saturday, May 16, 2009

St. Louis Visit

My nephew, Jared, learning to ride a motorcycle.

The Arch (as wide as it is tall and taller than the Space Needle)

Sitting on a giant turtle. This place is known as Turtle Park. We almost didn't want to leave to go to the zoo.

Danny on a turtle or snake. I'm not sure.

Welcome to the St. Louis Zoo. A very large, free zoo.

Jared with his dad's sunglasses.

Me with cutie patootie. My mom bought the same pair of sunglasses for her three sons this last Christmas.

Here is the actual reason we all got together. My brother Jason can now be called Dr. Hochstrasser. The second in the family (although my mom's is a Ph.D, not MD).

Other fun things I got to do.
-Go swimming in a pool that was part indoor and part outdoor. I've always wanted to do that!
-Eat as much popcorn as I wanted provided in the hotel lobby.
-Play tennis in super windy weather.
-Ride the metro to the airport.

More pictures to come of this place we went to on Friday morning called City Museum. It's nothing like what the name says. In fact, it's nothing like anything I've seen.


Jeff said...

turtle park. good idea, i'll have to hit that one up when im in st. louis.

bein.cardy said...

so if the arch is as wide as it is tall, how come it never looks that way in all the pictures?

PS happy? :)

Jordan said...

Probably because the pictures are almost never taken straight on. So the height will always look the same from whatever angle, but the width gets narrower as you rotate around it (until the two sides are stacked up on top of each other and you can only see one). Plus, it's gotta be a little bit of an optical illusion. You've gotta look from the bottom side to the other bottom, don't let the fact that it's getting narrower as it goes up through you off. That's my two cents.

And yes, I'm very happy.