Monday, May 4, 2009


Nicknames are a funny thing. People can become known solely by their nicknames. I never called my old roommate Brian, only Bwood. I've had many nicknames over the last few years. Some of these nicknames were widespread, but usually it was a certain group of people that called me it and others outside the group would be confused if they heard it. Here are the ones I can remember from most recent to earliest:

Jor Jor (my current ward, started by Nathan)
Jordan Bjorgason (pretty much just Jeff Ward calls me this)
Hawktrowsers (an elder on my mission called me this)
Das Lichtenstein, Das Licht, or The Licht (I think it was Kevin my freshman year that made this up because it was long and sounded German, like my last name)
Uncle Buster (my brother-in-law Christian came up with this for my nephews to call me, and it's stuck)
jho (12th grade choir)
hogtrotter (11th grade choir)
Jo Jo (only my oldest sister ever uses this anymore)

Anyone else have any interesting nicknames? My personal favorite of my friends is Michael T. Barney (all I did was add a T because he doesn't have a middle name. But we often refer to him as just Michael T.) Then there's B-Master Flex for Bryan Tanner. Our EFY kids came up with that when we were co-counselors.


Stephanie is currently under construction. said...

Nicknames are kind of odd. Many arise due to mispronunciations in preschool class rooms, name duplicates (like the random year where all mothers decided their daughter was Jessica and their son Brian); and embarrassing stories you truly don't want to remember but are forced to due to a daily nickname recollection.

You'll forever be Jor Jor though--even written in that manner in my phone.

My names: pepper; little munster; mushmellow; b-steph; step-on-me; sparky; stephie; and so on and so forht.

Mikaela said...

We like Uncle Buster the best. I still remember crying because I was laughing so hard when Christian "christened" you Uncle Buster before your first nephew arrived.

Jordan said...

I remember that, I think. Weren't we in the dining room at home in WA? At least I know that's where we had the whole Boy Jordan, Girl Jordan conversation. And I think that came about from the same conversation.