Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Angels Landing

Sunday afternoon Christina and I drove down to St. George and stayed with my Great Aunt and Uncle. It was a lot of fun and they are a very nice older couple. The next morning we drove an hour over to Zion National Park. One of my life goals is to hike Angels Landing (another is to hike the Narrows from top to bottom). Mission accomplished for the first one. It was a beautiful day with some breath-taking views. Here are a few pictures.

Near the beginning of the hike.

A beautiful view from the top.

Another view.

Resting after getting to the top.

On our way back down.

As you can see, chains help you through the last half mile as there are cliffs on one, or both sides, at times. The hike was a lot of fun. Not as difficult as some may say, but would be scary if you are really afraid of heights. Christina didn't like it when I got close to the edge to look over. The pathway is very well kept--much of it paved. We were able to take our time getting up there, spend some time at the top, and make it back down in a little under four hours (not including the shuttle to the start of the hike from where we parked). Though we were tired afterwards. Leave in the morning so you can be in the shade for a good 45 minutes of the hike (Refrigerator Canyon), including some switchbacks. I highly recommend the hike!


Jeff said...

On a related note, you've got a really nice head of hair.

Michael said...

Oh...look at you two!!! Looks like a grand 'ole time!

Becky said...

jeff is jealous of jordans hair.

and so am i.

Muerte said...

So. Christina. And You.

Your Angel's Landing photos have Terrific composition (if you know what I mean.)