Thursday, June 11, 2009


Random musings on some things:

-I've received more compliments (around 10) on a $15 pair of shoes from Payless than any other pair I've ever owned. People always ask what brand they are . . . Dub. Anyone heard of it? I didn't think so. But hey, I'm not complaining. I hope my next pair of cool shoes is just as cheap.

-The BYU Financial Center website is the worst website I know of. You would think they would pay someone to improve it, and maybe create, ya know, home and back buttons that work.

-3D isn't really worth the extra money. I went to go see Up again yesterday cause my mom hadn't seen it yet (and she was paying). Up was still amazingly good, but the 3D didn't really add much. I kind of get tired of wearing the glasses too. (My mom loved it, by the way--cried three times. How many cartoons can do that? And make you laugh the rest of the time.)

-Happiness is NOT a warm gun, although it's a good song. And the Across the Universe soundtrack is very good (but I've heard the movie is pretty bad).

-Things happen in life at the exact moment you don't expect them to. Almost two years without seriously dating someone, then right before I leave Utah for close to six months I start dating an amazing girl.


Jessica Morgan said...

I've heard Across the Universe is a great movie to see if you want to know what it is like to be on drugs.

Stefanie Elyse said...

Did you know I sometimes read your blog? Well I do. Great job singing at the devo Tuesday, I saw you there... also, congrats on getting into Jeru- you will LOVE IT!!! And you'll meet my friend Brooke Harper who is also going in the Fall. YAY for Jerusalem! And, you're dating a girl? more info please :)

Brad said...

I think your girl deserves her own blog post on here :)

Christine Armbruster said...

j-mo: ha! i was about to say it's amazing. but now i'm scared to. hahaha.

jordan: harry potter 5 was epic in 3D. and at midnight helped too. also who are you dating? this is also epic news.

Jordan said...

All four of you know the girl I'm dating, Christina Willey.