Saturday, June 27, 2009

Salt Flats

As I was leaving for California and driving through northern Utah I thought to myself, where are the salt flats I've heard about? I've been to most parts of Utah, but I still haven't seen them. It makes sense that they would be close to the Great Salt Lake. So I kept looking out my window hoping to see a sign of them, but not really knowing. I am happy to say I stopped at a Rest Area right before crossing over into Nevada, and there they were--no more than 50 feet away. I, of course, took pictures.

I really liked this table and tree combo, so I wanted to make it a part of the picture.

There was a little water on part of the flats. I walked out onto them (they have a hose to wash your feet off afterwards). It was fun. I woudn't necessarily recommend driving a few hours for it, but if you're passing by them, take a look. I hear you can drive your car on parts of them.

Oh, and a side note. Reno is a very weird city--don't stop there. I just wanted to eat at a normal place and was looking all over until I found a Carl's Jr. Plus, the Quizno's closed at 7pm--what the heck?

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cwilley20 said...

What a coincidence! Just to happen upon them...I hope I get to as well :P